Generating Waves

Founded in 2018, Nadando Argentina is a civil organization that unites amateur athletes in their love for water and healthy living. We promote swimming to connect people with our oceans, promoting their conservation. We believe that with a strong team and effective management, anything is possible.

Promoting social inclusion through swimming

Learn to swim and live new sports experiences with us throughout the year. We offer training and coaching for all levels, with open water competitions that help develop physical and mental skills, demonstrate courage and enjoy the sport. In addition, we promote cultural exchange and the creation of friendships through participation in local and international events.
We invite you to join this aquatic adventure!

Our vision

We want to be a leading NGO in the social inclusion of people interested in swimming with the objective of improvement and integration. We also wish to maintain sustained and sustainable growth, addressing the needs of the group through social intervention projects. Likewise, we want to be pioneers in the implementation of new insertion and professionalization programs, working collaboratively with companies, public administration and with organizations related to our objectives.

Values that we breathe


We develop actions, activities and projects that help people improve their lives through swimming.


We develop high-quality projects in collaboration with experts and companies, always seeking excellence and creating synergies with various sectors.


They are the principles that guide the behavior of our professionals and are framed in values of commitment to the entity, the environment, and respect for the group for which we work.


We promote collaborative projects with local entities, identifying their needs and using our resources to encourage their participation and recognition.


At the Association we promote transparency as a transversal strategic element in all our actions and projects.


We are a project open to all people, institutions and companies that collaborate, in different ways, to create a more inclusive and egalitarian society for all people.

Matias Ola


Swimmers convinced that sport unites people, integrates them into society. Our Oceans and our bodies of water need to be connected with man to be protected by conservation and recreation campaigns with swimming. We are believers that with good management and a great team anything is possible.

Pablo Testa


Swimmers, water is your friend, you don't have to fight with it, you just need to share the same spirit and then it will allow you to move, because no calm sea made an expert swimmer. 

Let your passion be the energy that drives you to overcome obstacles and the strength that allows you to turn your dreams into reality.

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