One night to make a difference

Have dinner with us, and together we will support inclusive swimming projects in Argentina and the world.

3 easy steps to join

1. Reserve your place

Make your reservation online to secure your place at the charity dinner. Select the number of people and provide the necessary information to confirm your attendance.

2. Attend and Enjoy

Arrive at the event and enjoy a night full of flavor and solidarity. Experience exquisite dining while connecting with people who share your desire to make a difference.

3. Contribute to the Cause

Your participation is a direct contribution to our mission. At the end of the night, you will have the option to make additional donations or get more involved with our cause.

An event with purpose

Discover how your participation in our Charity Dinner drives positive change and creates opportunities in the world of swimming.

Inclusion and opportunity

The dinner supports inclusion projects that provide opportunities to economically or socially disadvantaged athletes. Also, by being a member, you will be able to access benefits such as discounts on training and scholarships, which promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for all swimming lovers.

International competition

By joining this cause, you facilitate the way for Argentine swimmers to compete on international stages. This not only raises the profile of local athletes but also positions Argentina on the global map of competitive swimming.

Talent development

The charity dinner is a platform that promotes training programs for swimmers. Your participation helps shape the future of these athletes, improving their skills and allowing them to reach new levels of excellence, which in the long term enriches the Argentine swimming community.

Be part

Reserve your place

Participate in a unique event that can change the lives of hundreds of swimmers in Argentina and around the world.

Founding voices

Discover the passion and vision that drives our mission through the words of our founders.

Matias Ola


With this type of initiatives we want that economic concern is not an added weight to the difficult situation that Argentine swimmers are going through in order to participate in national and international events of our discipline.

Pablo Testa


Behind every Argentine swimmer there is a story and a family. Swimming is another tool for social inclusion.

Frequent questions

Explore our FAQs to learn more about the Charity Dinner.

You can reserve your place through the web form found on this page or on the contact page. You can also contact us through our email
The funds raised are used for training programs, participation in international events and social inclusion projects in Argentina and internationally.

Reserve your place and make a difference

We invite you to join our Charity Dinner and be an active part of the change in the lives of Argentine swimmers. Reserve your place right now and ensure your participation in this very special event.