Swimming Scholarships

This is an economic stimulus intended for athletes who are developing and have managed to stand out in national or international competitions organized or linked by NADANDO ARGENTINA.

Live a unique experience


Travel throughout Argentina and much of the world to represent your CLUB.


Free participation in awareness events, masterclasses and training designed for scholarship holders.


Full support in the obtaining process and during the stay in the competition destination.


Opportunity to access mentoring and personal development programs to boost your career as a swimmer.

What is the step by step like?

1. Reach the highest swimming level

Plan training and competitions to achieve an outstanding sporting level.

2. Individualized study of the profile

We analyze your sports and economic profile to find the best options that suit your needs.

3. Custom roadmap

We create a personal route for your case, outlining the steps to obtain the scholarship.

4. Support for your sports video

We offer tips and guidance for creating a sports video that highlights your skills (optional but can help).

5. Negotiation for the best scholarship

We seek to obtain the maximum scholarship and the best conditions for you.

6. Preparations for trips abroad

If necessary, we organize accommodation and details for your international trips.

7. Support during your stay

We have a team to help you throughout your stay at the competition destination.

8. Close Communication

We are in constant contact with you and your family, providing support and answering questions.

Frequent questions

Uniting the Community Through Memorable Dinners

NADANDO ARGENTINA scholarships can cover all or a percentage of the expenses of scheduled trips to events, trips, world cups organized or linked to Nadando Argentina in the country or in the world.

If you obtain a full scholarship, all these expenses will be covered:

  • Registration fee and fees
  • Training Included
  • Accommodation (Residence or apartment) at destination.
  • Health insurance

Scholarships are offered based on the sporting level of each athlete.

We put as reference the brands for men and women in all categories in which the evaluating coaches are interested in evaluating. All tests are in a 25m pool.




400 Free

8 Minutes

9 Minutes

400 Ind. Comb.

10 minutes

12 Minutes

800 Free

20 minutes

22 Minutes

If your times are close to or within these, the chances of getting a swimming scholarship from NADANDO ARGENTINA will be good..

Although all swimmers specialize in one type of event, Evaluating coaches are looking for versatile swimmers that can compete in various tests within their sector, including open waters.

Coaches measure swimming level through several factors:

  • Official marks or times.
  • CompetitionsNational and international.
  • swimming video.
  • Nanando Argentina Review

With all this information, in SWIMMING ARGENTINA we evaluate each swimmer who applies for the Scholarship.

The Nadando Argentina charity dinner will be held annually and aims to raise funds with which to finance and maintain national and international projects and social inclusion projects in Argentina through swimming.

The ongoing projects of the Argentine Swimming Association are swimmer training projects, international swimming events and social inclusion to help the most economically disadvantaged athletes in their training as athletes and in the participation of Argentine swimmers in international events.  

With your assistance you will collaborate in the work of Nadando Argentina: together we can make waves of changes in people's lives.

During the evening, in addition, the SWIMMING ARGENTINA SCHOLARSHIPS will be announced and awarded with the final definition of the evaluating coaches according to the category of Scholarships to be awarded.

“With this type of initiative we want economic concerns not to be an added weight to the difficult situation that Argentine swimmers are going through in order to participate in national and international events in our discipline,” he says. MATIAS OLA , organizer of the charity dinner and President of NADANDO ARGENTINA.

For its part, PABLO ADOLFO TESTA , General Secretary of NADANDO ARGENTINA, highlights that behind every Argentine swimmer there is a story and a family and that Swimming is another tool for social influence.